Laura Lis Scott

I design books, ebooks, covers, websites, print documents and swag, edit fiction and nonfiction, and produce, edit, design and composite video.

Some of my background…


Magazine Editor and Art Director

In 2002 I started doing editing and layout for independent magazines. This represented a convergence of my prior work in literary and visual arts.

On the literary side, I had previously worked as a fiction and screenplay reader, writing coverage for editors and producers, while also doing computer layout and word processing for legal and corporate clients. On the visual side, meanwhile, I designed on-screen video graphics, DVD menus, and a few websites.

I learned a lot during this time, working with Photoshop, Quark Express, and InDesign. The world of offset printing was a revelation. Since then, I’ve designed not just layouts but brochures, posters, online ads, annual reports, business cards, booth display graphics, and a few logos. (Some samples of my work can be found in my portfolio.)

Web Designer and Developer

In 2004, I expanded my focus to include more of the web. Leveraging Drupal, the open source content management system, I was able to take on larger projects. By 2007 I was heading up a small company doing websites for major universities like Stanford and name-brand magazines such as Popular Science.

But I missed working in print.

Book Designer and Editor

In 2013, I co-founded Toot Sweet Ink, a very small press focused on very select projects. My responsibilities editor, book designer, and publisher of books in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats.

In 2017, feeling that web development projects were distracting from my real joy of working in publishing, I put up my shingle for Book Love Space, offering editing and book design services to the growing ranks of independent publishers and authors.

While Book Love Space and Toot Sweet Ink are both parts of Rare Pattern LLC, the work I do here at Book Love Space is separated from Toot Sweet Ink by the Great Wall of Principle. Here at Book Love Space, I help you publish. I don’t take a piece of the action. (And at Toot Sweet Ink, the author is not paying for the publisher’s editing and design for the book.)

See my disclosures for more about this.


Ever since I was in grade school, I’ve loved science fiction and fantasy. I started writing short stories in my teens. In my 20s I also wrote a few screenplays. These days I write mostly science fiction. Sometimes I blog on my personal site.

Video and Filmmaker

For a while, I produced and edited trailers, shorts, promos, television shows, and other things. Most recently I’ve begun exploring book trailers.


Who has time for hobbies? I do enjoy keeping up on the latest science discoveries and following new technologies. I like to cook. Bicycling is fun. About ten years ago I got a recumbent bicycle, which is much easier on my back. I love auto racing. I actually raced a BMW for a couple of years, but that’s an expensive hobby that doesn’t fit well within a book publisher’s income.

Mostly I read.


I have an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts and a BA in English from The University of Chicago.

And that’s me.

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