I've worked professionally as a graphic designer, layout artist, editor, web developer, and videomaker. But with Book Love Space, I am pursuing my passion: to help create beautiful books that people value and treasure.


In 1996 I started designing and developing websites for businesses, publications, non-profits, and universities. I started by hand coding html (and then css), a habit I’ve found difficult to break. Since 2004 I developed sites almost exclusively in Drupal, the open source content management system. More recently, I’ve built sites using Squarespace. (This site is built in Squarespace.)

I’ve been designing ebooks since 2013. My print experience goes back to working with offset printers at the turn of the century. I have designed not just book covers and layouts but posters, online ads, business cards, booth display graphics, and a few logos.


I’ve worked off and on in various forms of publishing since the 1990s, starting as a fiction and screenplay reader, word processor, and typist and working my way up to fiction editor and general editor for independent magazines. Since 2014 I have been editor-in-chief at Toot Sweet Ink.

As your hired editor, I follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard reference for North American fiction publishers. However, guidelines are not dogma. If you have an established stylesheet—for example, from previously published works—I will do my best to work from that, for consistency.


I am editor and publisher for Toot Sweet Ink, a very small press focused on very select projects. But I need to pay the bills, so I also offer services unrelated to Toot Sweet Ink. The work I do here at Book Love Space is separated from Toot Sweet Ink by the Great Wall of Principle. Here at Book Love Space, I help you publish. I don’t take a piece of the action. (And at Toot Sweet Ink, the author is not paying for the publisher’s work. See my disclosures for more about this.)


As a writer, I bring a writer’s passion to the work I do. However, I am not interested in remaking your work in my style. This is about your story, your style.

Video/Film Maker

Some years ago I worked almost exclusively in film and video, producing and editing trailers, shorts, promos, television shows, and other things. These days my video work tends to focus on book trailers, promos, and how-to videos.


I have an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts and a BA in English from The University of Chicago.