Copyediting can entail a range of editing tasks, from cleaning up grammar and typos, checking for consistency, avoiding repetitive words, that kind of thing, to helping with stylistic consistency. I do this for fiction and trade non-fiction. (Some people make a distinction between copyediting and line editing. For all intents and purposes, I choose to combine them into the same service. Together we define the scope and extent of editing you are seeking.)

Developmental editing

Developmental editing works from a big-picture perspective, looking at character development, story structure, main tension, emotional engagement, world building, and so on.


I grew up on and know best science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction, and what the industry calls women’s fiction. Non-fiction areas are culture and arts, as well as technology and science topics for the general reader.

Follow-up consulting

I want you to feel comfortable with the work I do, so all book-length editing projects include 2 hours of post-editing consulting and discussion for any questions or concerns you may have. (Short stories, a bit less.)