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Do you work only with indie authors? #

Of course not. I’m happy to work with all authors. That said, I do believe in indie publishing. Indie authors put their heart into their work as much as anyone else. They deserve editing and layout services delivered with the same kind of passion.

Traditionally published authors typically benefit from in-house editorial services and professionally produced books with well-executed layout. Indie authors, however, are on their own in acquiring these services, which typically are outside of their skillset. There are some really great freelance editors and book finishers who do great work at a fair price. However, there are also a lot of scams out there, including self-described “publishers” who actually charge the author for everything, including print runs, and self-proclaimed “experts” who provide shoddy work. We as an industry need more of the good kind of services. I’m here to be a part of that.

Will you publish my book? #

No, my work here is about helping you publish your own book—either yourself or through a publisher.

What if I have questions about your edits? #

I want you to feel comfortable with the work I do, so all editing projects include some time after it’s done to discuss my notes and your thoughts.

Time is my limiting factor, so I offer up to two hours to go over edits on your 80,000-word novel—as a rough guideline, prorated up or down for longer or shorter works. But I’m not going to quibble over an extra 15 minutes if we run over. I want you to be happy with my editing suggestions, but I want even more that you at least understand what I suggested and why.