Do you need graphic design for marketing swag? A banner ad design? Business cards? A book trailer? Or just some consulting guidance through the independent publishing process? Look no further.

Publishing Consulting

I’m here for you. In this process, you are the publisher. If this is new to you, or you are wanting to reach out into new areas, I can help guide you so that you’re going in with an informed understanding.

A trusted guide can help you navigate the world of independent publishing so you can take over your own publishing tasks from solid footing.

  • Early decisions (e.g., business entity)
  • Short term and long term goals
  • Setting up with KDP, Apple iBooks, IngramSpark, Lightning Source, Smashwords
  • ISBNs
  • Library of Congress: copyright registration; getting a PCCN
  • Deeper distribution
  • Pointers to other resources
  • Some marketing tips (ads, organic)

There is no minimum as an add-on to other work, a two-hour minimum just for just the consulting. We can communicate by video conference/Facetime and/or by email. Whatever works best for you.

Note that I am not your publisher. This is not a vanity press operation. I’m here to help you take charge of your own destiny as an indie author or publisher.

Graphic Design

I design logos, marketing swag (bookmarks, stickers), business cards, online ads—whatever you need.

Some examples from my portfolio:


If you think you might like a book trailer or other video, let’s talk!

Videos I’ve done

Ready to get started?

Send me some information about your book, what services you’re seeking, and whatever questions you may have, I’ll get back to you with some answers and an estimate. If it seems we might be a good match, we can set up a time to talk in more detail. It all starts with a conversation.



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