Kindle screenshot with photograph and cleanly laid-out text. Designed by Laura Lis Scott. as designed by Laura Lis Scott.

Dreams & Adventures: The Edwin Hubble Story

The authors, William and Doris Martin, already had a print version of Dreams & Adventures: The Edwin Hubble Story, their short biography of the eminent astronomer. Now they needed a Kindle version.

chapter 1 from the Kindle version showing similar styling to the hardcover

Barleycorn (Kindle version)

The goal: Create and code up an ebook design of Barleycorn, complete with the custom flourishes manifest in the hardcover. Also check out the print book design.

Cover image of golden flowers and the title text, with yellow jackets crawling on everything, designed by Laura Lis Scott as designed by Laura Lis Scott.

Mabel and the Yellow Jackets

As a writer and indie publisher, I decided to experiment with publishing a short story as an ebook. “Mabel and the Yellow Jackets” doesn’t fit with my primary writing focus, which is science fiction, so it seemed like an ideal candidate. This is the latest cover design for this short story about a woman coping …

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