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Here are some case studies on projects showing various aspects of my work, and a photo gallery of some book designs, cover designs, ebook formatting, and illustrations.

Case Studies

A woman’s hand pouring caramel onto a delicious sculpled white cream dessert, with text describing the dish

Lucky’s Bakehouse Holiday Cookbook

A case study for book design of a four-color cookbook of delicious holiday recipes.
A table describing Japanese seasons shown on a printed page, in a wide ebook display, and in a narrower ebook desplay

From Print to Ebook

A challenge arises when you want to present in an ebook what in print is a moderately wide table of data.
illustrated color map of the southwest end of Japan, including Kyushu, Shikoku and the southern edge of Honshu

Creating Maps of Heian-Era Japan

Custom illustrated maps are a staple of historical fiction and fantasy epics.
Some other examples of book design, cover design, ebook formatting, graphic design and illustration, swag design, and some logo design.