illustration of woman samurai riding horse through snow

Cold Trail: Yamabuki and Tomoe

Here the design sets the stage for the book’s opening, which takes place during a most unseasonable spring snowstorm.

illustration of woman samurai wearing armor, riding a rearing horse

Cold Blood: Yamabuki vs. the Sword Master

This is the cover design for Book One of Sword of the Taka Samurai, by Katherine M. Lawrence. We started with the design of Katherine’s first book, Cold Saké: Yamabuki vs. the Undead, using it as inspiration and a cover design template for the series.

Cold Sake book cover

Cold Saké

Cold Saké: Yamabuki vs. the Undead, by Katherine M. Lawrence, was the first book we published at Toot Sweet Ink, so we decided to go all out — hardcover, paperback, ebook (all platforms), and ultimately audiobook. More about Cold Saké can be found at Toot Sweet Ink.



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