In 2003, I had the opportunity to do art direction and layout for independent magazine that happened to be featuring up-and-coming auto racing star Danica Patrick. She was not yet a household name, and this was ages before she started doing GoDaddy commercials. But she was already the buzz in women’s sporting circles.

Colorado Woman News had been around for years—this was the 15th anniversary issue—so the publication already had an established stylesheet I had to work to on most of the magazine. But I had a free hand with the feature story and the magazine cover design. Today, this cover and article are really the only part of that job I remember.

Moving from QuarkExpress to Adobe InDesign

Prior to this project, I had been doing layout work using the market leader, QuarkExpress, which had to run in Apples’ OS Classic Mode (emulating the OS of the 1990s), but was already playing with Adobe InDesign, which was still pretty new but ran natively in Apple’s OS X. When time came to get to work on this issue, QuarkExpress 6 was not yet out, making it an easier decision: I would design and lay out the entire magazine in InDesign.

Magazine layout can test the functional limits of any layout application, even today. Back then, it was quite the adventure. It took some adjustment to get used to the user interface and functional logic of InDesign, but I hardly touched QuarkExpress after that.



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