Lucky’s Bakehouse Holiday cookbook

The project: a four-color cookbook of delicious holiday recipes by one of the premiere dessert chefs.

Our primary design goal was to lay out the text in ways that complement the beautiful photography by Jennifer Olsen.

For typography, I focused on elegance and flair,employing optional ligatures and swashes on the titles.

I laid out the recipes so that they would be clear and easy to follow — especially for people reading while in the thick of preparation.

(Note: I scrambled the recipe details out of courtesy to the chef. You can get the actual recipes from the book and website.)

Professional baking tips and other notes were flagged with icons to make them easy to scan visually.

I also designed two ebook versions:

a fixed-layout ePub for Apple iBooks

and a reflowable Kindle version.

I will post a separate study about that project.



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