Cover image of golden flowers and the title text, with yellow jackets crawling on everything, designed by Laura Lis Scott as designed by Laura Lis Scott.

As a writer and indie publisher, I decided to experiment with publishing a short story as an ebook. “Mabel and the Yellow Jackets” doesn’t fit with my primary writing focus, which is science fiction, so it seemed like an ideal candidate.

This is the latest cover design for this short story about a woman coping with some pernicious pests.

The 5,400-word story contains multiple parts as Mabel’s relationship with yellow jackets in her house escalates. I thought it would be fun to break up these sections not with the usual dinkus or fleuron, but with yellow jackets.

Tablet view of the opening of Mabel and the Yellow Jackets, by Laura Lis Scott
This is chapter 1.
Phone view of Mabel and the Yellow Jackets, by Laura Lis Scott
This is the break before the third section of the story.

Each section got an additional insect, so that section two has two bugs, section three has three bugs, and so on.

Normally I put in page breaks before each chapter, but for a short story, it seemed more appropriate to keep everything flowing within the page.



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