Finish Your Book

I edit and design books and marketing materials for independent authors and publishers.

I bring years of experience and expertise in editing, design, and layout. With me you can get it all covered—or just some if it, whatever you need.


You have a final draft, but need copyediting. Whether you want a light touch, focusing on grammar and punctuation only, or a more involved edit that helps with stylistic consistency, continuity, and flow, I can help you.

Print Layout

Now the book is ready to be prepped for publishing. The first step is print (hardcover and/or paperback). You want a beautiful, readable presentation that complements the story without distracting readers.

Ebook Formatting

Ebooks live in readers’ devices. Here, complexity is a challenge. New devices and apps have the screen size and processing power to display many things that “older” devices (from not that long ago) can have difficulty processing. Accounting for this is important. Automatic ebook formatting apps can grind out an ebook, but experience has told us that clean markup with effective styles not only work best on existing e-readers but will also have the longest shelf life. What will readers be using to read ebooks five years from now? Fifteen years?


You need a cover. Maybe you have existing art you want adapted. Maybe you have just an idea. I design a compelling cover to the right delivery specifications for your printer and ebook services. Do you also need display ads to use in your promotion campaigns? I can also design your business cards, bookmarks, and one-sheet.


I’m here for you. In this process, you are the publisher. If this is new to you, or you are wanting to reach out into new areas, I can help guide you so that you’re going in with an informed understanding.

In all this, I am not your publisher. This is not a vanity press operation. I want to help you take charge of your own destiny as an indie author or publisher. Even if your path is toward traditional publishing, I can help you bring your manuscript into submittable shape.

More Info

More on each of the areas can be found in the image links below. If you have questions you want to ask me, check if the chat widget on the screen is active. Or...