Books can be beautiful

Quality typefaces spaced just the right amount. Pages perfectly aligned. An elegant touch here and there.

Details matter

The layout of a professionally laid out book is rarely noticed, but an indifferently laid out book almost always gets attention—of the wrong kind. The best design does not distract but rather serves the book. The text is what’s important. Readability. A balanced aesthetic that is easy on the eye. We want a book that, when the reader opens it up, the only thing she notices are the words themselves, all she thinks about is the story or the ideas revealed by the words.


I picked up the books last week. They look awesome. The printer said people who saw this run commended it for its great looks.

Harry Eckemoff
L&H Production, publisher of Barleycorn

Print Book Design and Layout

I take your manuscript master document (usually in Word, but I can accept a variety of document formats), and lay it out in print book format, with front matter (title page, copyright page, dedication, acknowledgments, index), main text, and back matter (about the author, glossary), maps and illustrations, tables, graphics—all with careful attention to the details.

You receive a press-ready PDF master file.

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