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Far Away and Up Close

People buy books online and off the shelf. The most effective book covers not only intrigue readers holding the book in their hands, but also catch the eye when the book is a postage-stamp-sized image on a crowded website.

Powerful composition and rich detail and texture combine to convey the emotion and theme of the book.

I design covers for all formats—hardcover dustjackets, paperback covers, and ebook covers.

Got Art?

If you already have artwork you want to use, I incorporate it into the cover design you need, ready for delivery to the printer, ebook platform, and audiobook vendor.

Ready to get started?

Send me some information about your book, what services you’re seeking, and whatever questions you may have, I’ll get back to you with some answers and an estimate. If it seems we might be a good match, we can set up a time to talk in more detail. It all starts with a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

about Cover Design

Frequently Asked Questions

about Cover Design



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