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Ebooks can be tricky, especially in getting them to look good in a variety of e-readers. Ebooks must work on a wide variety of devices and apps. We have no idea how any particular reader might be accessing the book. An ebook might be read on any ereader, tablet, or app. Or on a big-screen TV. Or a computer screen. Or [fill in the next hot new platform here].

Beyond the presets, the difference resides within the code.

My approach to this challenge centers on producing clean mark-up and effective, efficient styling. The old concepts of web design apply here. We want an ebook that is consistent in how it presents the content, with readable text and images on all devices and apps, and that is accessible so that people using screen readers can also enjoy the content.

Hand-coded Ebook Design

[In the image below, drag the red bar across to see the code behind the rendered display.]

Code Rendered ebook

Whether you have a manuscript document (in Word, Markdown, HTML, or other format) or I’m designing your ebook in parallel with your print book, I focus on a beautiful readable format.

And in doing this, I dig all the way down into the ebook code, because clean code yields more predictable results.

When it’s all done, you receive an ePub master (or two — one for Kindle and one for the other ebook retailers).

Cost depends upon the complexity of the content and how “clean” the styles are in the manuscript. Ebook design starts at $250. Once I get a chance to review your manuscript, I give you a fixed bid. No surprises.

More about my ebook design process is in the FAQ.



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