Website Terms of Service

When it comes to user privacy and internet services, this website is something of a hot mess of cookies. But I do what I can to keep things sane and simple for you.

What comes with the meal

By visiting this site, your browser encounters a bunch of services.

  • This site is hosted on Squarespace, which probably tracks you somehow.
  • I use Google Analytics to get a sense of which of my posts is connecting with people, but that's about it. I'm more interested in what I'm doing right or wrong than trying to figure out who's visiting from where in the world.
  • Google also loads a Google Tag Manager, which loads a tracker.
  • The comments are handled by Disqus, which loads that commenting widget thingie underneath all the blog posts.
  • You might also see a Pure Chat widget appear on the screen, so you can chat directly with me in real time.
  • This site uses Adobe Typekit fonts, and Adobe might be using that to track you.
  • Mailchimp might be tracking you because I have it set up not to pop up all the time every time you come to visit the site. However, it will not subscribe you to my newsletter list unless you actually use the form to sign up. (See below.)

Each of these systems has their own privacy policy which I have no control over. You might consider installing one of the many browser extensions that blocks tracking cookies.

Opt-In Stuff

I use Mailchimp for my newsletter, and to get my newsletter you need to sign up for it explicitly using one of the forms on this site or at Mailchimp's site. If you do happen to sign up for my newsletter, you will be subject to whatever Mailchimp's privacy policies are. You can unsubscribe at any time, and I don't keep your information. I also don't give away or sell your newsletter subscription info to anyone else.

If you contact me using one of the contact forms on this site, your message will be emailed to me and also stored on a private Google Docs spreadsheet. I have this set up in case I miss some emails. Any info you provide to me in the contact form I treat as private and will not share with anyone else, unless you agree (for instance, if you'd like me to refer someone to you for a different service) or I'm required by law. Google has their own privacy policy about Google Docs.

If you want me to forget about you

Just let me know and I will do what I can to delete your personal info from whatever service I'm using—which pretty much means I will delete your line entry in the contact form's Google Docs spreadsheet and/or your subscription info from my newsletter.

I like my privacy, too. I hope that doesn't come between us.