After years of corporate work, I did editing and art direction for various independent magazines. Among these projects, I had the pleasure of laying out a magazine issue featuring a cover story on racing driver Danica Patrick.

Cover story on Danica Patrick

Colorado Woman News
September 2003
This is the main feature of the issue that I laid out as Art Director.
Photo: Grand Prix Association of Long Beach

Opening spread

Being a women's magazine, the story was not that the Grand Prix of Denver had women drivers. It was that women were racing cars. The Grand Prix was just the setting.

So we emphasized the photos of women in racing suits instead of the headline.

Feature story

The photos were strong, but the layout still needed some texture. We had no stock image library to speak of, so I created the checker-flag background in Illustrator.


The article finished on a final verso page that featured a sidebar along the left column. I set that content off with color reversal and use of a sans-serif font.

Readers turning the page would easily determine that the left-hand column was actually separate related content. Visual cues of font and the checker-flag background helped the reader immediately identify where the main article continued.